January 10, 2011

New Postcard Sets on Etsy!

I've listed 3 different sets of Postcards on my Etsy shop! Please check them out!



[ Mr. Squid, A Very Handy Crafter, Single ]

[ Girls, squid & octopus ]

[ Sea Cuties ]

January 7, 2011

Press Release: Unusual Needle Felting Show in NYC!

gallery hanahou presents


Come see the amazing work of these Four Fantastic Needle Felting Fiber Artists!

Icons & Totems & Places of the Past by Moxie

The Unnatural History Museum by Hine Mizushima

Strangeland by Kit Lane

Fractured Fairy Tales by Yoko Nomura

March 3 - April 1st, 2011

Opening reception, Thursday, March 3, 7-9 pm (RSVP info@galleryhanahou.com)
(I will be there!)

gallery hanahou
611 Broadway, Suite 730, NYC

Beginning March 3rd, gallery hanahou will host a group show of needle-felting works by four artists who are shaping the medium in significant ways: Moxie, Hine Mizushima, Kit Lane, and Yoko Nomura. Using wool and basic tools, these artists have created worlds and creatures that defy conventional ideas about the craft. The exhibition will be comprised of four mini solo shows that express each artist's personal sense of humor, wonder, or adventure through soft sculpture.

Learn needle felting with 3D basics (Details to be confirmed)
In conjunction with the show, artist and author of I Felt Awesome Moxie will lead a beginners' workshop in needle felting.
Date/ Time : Saturday March 5, 1 - 4 pm
Price: $40
Signup: info@galleryhanahou.com (Space is limited!)


参加アーティストは4人。Moxie, Kit Lane, Yoko Nomura, そして私Hine



About the artists

Moxie (http://www.madebymoxie.com/) uses humor and irreverence as a way to explore and examine the world. Her fiber works have been exhibited in shows across the United States, and she is celebrated for the enthusiasm with which she welcomes new recruits into the world of needle felting with workshops and kits. Her first book of needle felting projects, I Felt Awesome, was released in 2010.

Hine Mizushima (http://web.mac.com/sheishine/Site/Welcome.html) is an Illustrator, a slow crafter and a puppet-based stop-motion animation video artist. Born and raised in Japan, she majored in traditional Japanese painting at university. After working as a Designer/Illustrator in Tokyo, she moved to Rome, then Paris, then Brooklyn. Now she lives in Vancouver, Canada with her family

Kit Lane (http://www.etsy.com/shop/KitLane) is a non-traditional dimensional needle-felter as well as sculptor of oddjects from a variety of materials. Her work populates private patron nooks and cubbies, cubicles and public galleries from here to Timbuktu. Suffering from a life-long unbridled case of wanderlust, she has lived for many decades outside the USA in countries which include Mexico, Haiti and most recently New Zealand. She is currently living a happy hermitty existence in the cultural wastelands of West Central Minnesota.

Yoko Nomura (http://www.etsy.com/shop/feltmates) was born in Kyoto, Japan, and studied ceramics at the Kyoto College of Art. After graduation, she worked as a designer for a Kyoto company which produced handbag lines in collaboration with well-known Japanese designers. Before leaving Japan, she became acquainted with felt artists working in Kyoto. She was inspired by the idea of making her own material in which to work with. She started to design her own work with her own material, felt.

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます!